A 820 ft conveyor belt as a replacement for a double chair lift

Sunkid L2A Project: The measure of all things

Les Deux Alpes (France): The conveyor belt installed by Sunkid constitutes the most advanced ski conveyor belt in the world. As a replacement for a double chair lift, the system in Les Deux Alpes is the longest in France at nearly approx. 820 ft (250m) in length.


Since the founding of the company, Sunkid has installed more than 2,700 passenger conveyor belts worldwide. The project in Les Deux Alpes constitutes an interim peak in terms of technical progress. Be it the EVOLUS Gallery with a covered and enlarged entry and exit area, a belt speed of up to approx. 3 ft (1.2m) per second or the vast number of monitoring and safety features: the installation in Les Deux Alpes is at present, the measure of all things world-wide in the area of outdoor passenger conveyors.


The technicians from Sunkid faced particular challenges with the system in Les Deux Alpes. After all, a thick specifications book peppered with technical challenges had to be implemented. In addition, the time frame for a project of this size was very tight, between the finalization of the tender, delivery, turnkey installation and authority approvals. Terrain corrections needed to be dealt with in a timely manner as well, to be able to keep up with the strict schedule. Yet our colleagues from Sunkid France did an excellent job on site and the system was delivered at the target time to the complete satisfaction of the operator.


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