Sunny Stuff: The Slope Rules Concept: Learning is real fun!

In cooperation with UNIQA Insurance and the Hochzeiger Lifts, Sunkid has brought a slope rules concept into being.

Along with UNIQA Insurance and the Hochzeiger Mountain Resort Lifts, Sunkid has developed a concept to bring the rules on the ski slopes closer to the younger (and older) guests. Ms Ursula Weixelbaumer M.A. was brought aboard as a competent partner for the development and implementation. The goal was to acquaint, in a playful manner, the youngest users with the rules on the slopes in the form of a consistent and coherent concept.


A kid-oriented concept in place of finger-pointing


Already when buying a ski card or at the beginning of a ski course, the guest receives an information brochure which presents the slope rules using child-oriented graphics. Moreover, the informational stickers with the same exact design have been attached in the cabins. The guest can therefore take advantage of the ride up to once again take a closer look at the code of conduct and possibly go through them with their children. The orientation map at the start and intersection point of the ski area also features all the rules in overview. To finally give the student some "experience," the "slope rule trail” was installed on a downhill as a highlight. On this very easy and wide trail, each of all eleven rules for conduct were installed on foam boards and can be discovered step by step.


The concept is also actively supported by the ski school and the ski resort


Each ski instructor also rides down the slope rule trail once a week and reviews each of the boards with the kids. And the youngest experience already shows that the kids not only have fun in the process, but also happily share their knowledge as “teachers” with their own older companions. The Mountain Resort Lift and ski school also actively integrate the topic of “Rules for Safety in Winter Sport Centers” in their media communication. Therefore, all the rules are on the company’s website and Facebook page. In addition, all the landlords were contacted to also inform their guests of the rules.


Mandatory Rules


Incidentally: The slope rules are general rules of conduct. They are valid at all ski slopes worldwide and are comparable to traffic regulations. The top principle of the FIS regulations is “Respect for others”.


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