Lifts: Expansion of the kids’ land with a Sunkid Mega-Comfort-Star

The ski resort’s kids’ land offers a broad spectrum for beginners of any level thanks to its terrain features.

Altaussee/Loser (AUT): With a Rotondo Carousel, a Magic Carpet and a Pino Cord, Sunkid provides the best suited infrastructure for the purpose. For this year's season, the offer was extended by a height-adjustable Sunkid Mega-Comfort-Star.


With the Sunkid Mega Comfort Star, powered by a 11 kW motor, it is possible to transport up to 720 passengers per hour at a speed of 0.1 to 1.8 meters per second. Aside from the mountain and valley stations, the lift needs no additional supports; it can extend over a length of up to approx. 1148 ft (350 meters) and be applied to an incline of up to 40%.


The easy and safe use of the T-lifts designated as Mega Comfort Star wins passengers over during their first ascent. Yet operators also benefit from the great advantages of the new Mega Comfort Star. Both stations can be lifted by up to approx. 16 ft (5 meters) using motor power. Therefore, the lift track can be prepared with slope equipment with no problem and the cable height can be adapted to the corresponding snow depth.


The Sunkid Mega-Comfort-Star glistens moreover with additional features such as the innovative platter which substantially increases the comfort of passengers. Thanks to the rotating bearing of the bar on the steel cable it can adapt perfectly to the height of the passenger or cable height. There are thus various possibilities for winter sports enthusiasts to use the bar, be it with the platter placed between the legs, as a handle on the side or as anchor for the back.


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