SKYDIVE at the Parc de la Vallée

The Parc de la Vallée In Massais (Deux-Sèvres/FRA) offers over 30 attractions for the entire family. The recreation park surrounded by a beautiful landscape has become one more novelty richer since the beginning of the year with the Sunkid SKYDIVE.

SKYDIVE at the Parc de la Vallée


Two of the 30 attractions are from the Sunkid Family Rides product offering. That is to say the NAUTIC JET (the only park attraction in the world with a free-fly stage), as well as the Sunkid TOWER. At the beginning of the year, yet another product from the Family Rides range was installed at the Parc de la Vallée. The Sunkid SKYDIVE extends over a distance of 50 meters and provides spectacular views high above the recreation park. Owing to the high cable guides, the terrain below is available for other activities. The installation at the Parc de la Vallée was incidentally already the 250th installation of the Sunkid SKYDIVE!


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