Sunkid Boat Conveyor for Whitewater Sports Fans

Vienna (AUT): Sunkid designs and installs a boat conveyor for the “New Danube” whitewater facility

The whitewater facility is used as an artificial whitewater route for training and whitewater canoeing competitions. At the finish line of many such facilities, the only possibility athletes have is to paddle to shore and carry their sports equipment back to Start on foot. Other facilities out of the approx. 70 existing worldwide offer the comfort of a boat conveyor belt. Here, athletes can remain seated in their boats after the run and return back to Start with the help of a conveyor.


Just a few weeks ago, as a part of the opening of the "New Danube" whitewater facility in Vienna, a boat conveyor designed and manufactured by Sunkid was inaugurated. The particular positioning of the conveyor (a part of the entire conveyor structure is 100% under water) created very special challenges. Yet the Sunkid engineers solved these with flying colors. Helpful here was the long-time experience from the more than 3,000 conveyor carpet installed which for the most part also need to operate under extreme (weather) conditions.


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