Skipass Modena (Italy): Sunkid conveyor belt as climbing assistance in the outdoor ski area

Modena/Italy: The Sunkid conveyor belt assists the numerous visitors of the Skipass Modena Sports Exhibition in their first tries on the snow.

For the 20th anniversary of the Nissan Skipass Modena Fiere, the organization, with the help of Lobo Studio and Modena Fiere, set up a few new attractions. For the first time in the history of the Skipass Modena, hundreds of thousands of visitors could not only discover the latest technological developments, but also test them for themselves in an outdoor ski area spanning 1,600 square meters especially built for this purpose.


Whether big or small, all visitors were able to try out skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe hiking, cross-country skiing and dog sledding and could take advantage of free lessons provided by experienced snow sports trainers while they were at it. To make the climb easier for the winter sports enthusiasts, a 196-feet-long Sunkid conveyor belt was installed which experienced huge crowds. Assembly took a single day – therefore making the Sunkid conveyor belt ideal for such events.


The Sunkid conveyor belt as a logistic solution at events:  

  • Quick assembly and dismantling within 1 day by 4 people possible.
  • Delivery and assembly without special vehicles or equipment. Therefore problem-free installation in limited circumstances or indoors is possible
  • Variable lengths starting from 6m, in 3m increments, up to 400m and more…
  • Minimal space requirements and floor structure (structural components 30cm high)
  • No large static structures needed (foundations, anchors, etc.)
  • Easy and non-bureaucratic permit processing
  • Indirect supervision possible (in consultation with competent authorities)
  • Very high capacity (up to 2500 persons/hour possible) High level of functionality given the possibility of transporting passengers with and without winter sports equipment, as well as all trend sports equipment such as toboggans, tubes, etc. 
  • Problem-free use even for beginners
  • Affordable rental rate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is available


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