Convoyer Belt: They have it all covered

Chamrousse (France): A Sunkid convoyer belt with a control box installed in the gallery, as well roofed entry and exit areas.

The Chamrousse ski resort built as an Olympic village for the X. Olympic Games continues to enjoy lasting popularity even today. This of course encourages the operators to constantly invest in the renovation and improvement of the infrastructure.  With this aspiration in mind, a 446-foot (136m) long Sunkid convoyer belt was installed at the beginning of this past winter season. It serves as a logistics solution within the ski resort, since its takes visitors from the chalet village of Bachat-Bouloud to the slopes of the ski resort.  What is special about this installation is the total roofing of the entry and exit areas, as well the control box along with video screen which is installed inside the gallery. The installation is a turnkey solution provided by Sunkid.


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