Nautic Jet at the Tatralandia Fun Park

Tatralandia (Slovakia): Water Park offer supplemented with the Nautic Jet by Sunkid

The Family Rides by Sunkid can be found not only in large recreation parks worldwide, but also in many water parks and smaller adventure parks. Therefore the Tatralandia Fun Park – the largest water park in Slovakia featuring a sauna area, a myriad of thermal baths, water slides and attractions - has opted for a Sunkid Nautic Jet. Tatralandia is located only 3 miles (5km) away from the city of Liptovský Mikuláš, the traditional capital of the Liptov Region.


The theme of the Nautic Jet at the Tatralandia Fun Park is "Gold Splash" – a truly perfect theme which is strongly inspired by a gold panning sluice.  Visitors take their seats in the cars, then are taken up to the 26-foot (8m) high tower and catapulted quick as lightning into the water along with the car - pure adrenaline for big and small.  The Marketing Department of the Tatralandia Fun Park drew an extremely positive conclusion: “The attraction was very popular during the summer season and went down unbelievably well with visitors. There is no other such ride in the vicinity, a fact which helped us clearly stand out from other water parks. As a water attraction, the Gold Splash fits perfectly into our water world concept.”


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