Wood’n’Fun goes Mountain Summer

Sunkid offers a wide spectrum of attractions for an adventure in the mountains

The ski equipment along with the winter clothes have long since been stowed away in the cellar and mountain enthusiasts are already looking forward to new adventures and unforgettable days in the summery mountain landscape. There’s no doubt - the mountains are absolutely the trend again. This can be owed to the fact that a number of initiatives themed “mountain summer” have made it a target to increase their attractiveness. And in this regard, Sunkid extends a comprehensive offer as the following examples show.


Individual customer solutions based on the example of slide towers


The slide towers by Sunkid offer several functions all at once. On the one hand, they serve as a lookout point, on the other, as play equipment with a giant slide. The general rule for Sunkid is that an attraction should not only be exciting for kids, but should blend in with the landscape discreetly and harmoniously. For that reason, the naturally finished mountain larch is our material of choice not only for the slide towers, but also for all other wood products.


Theme development and implementation


For play, fun, recreation and enjoyment, the SÖLDEN ALMZEIT / ALPINE HUT TIME has been inviting visitors as of recently. The diverse 14 participating huts and lodges present themselves with special attractions around the theme of "time," along the new themed hiking trails in the hills high above Sölden (Tyrol). The implementation of the individual attractions was done by Sunkid together with partner Almholz. Motivated by the success of the past summer, Phase II of the project is being implemented this spring.


Play and fun around the refreshing water


At the Pitzpark (Tyrol), Sunkid along with its partners Kerschbaumer (landscaping) and Almholz (woodworking) created a bathing experience with a natural swimming pond at a recreational area in Wenns. At the Rieder swimming lake (Tyrol), the waterfront area became a true eye-catcher even for kids with play equipment from Sunkid. And further projects around the water are to be implemented this year.


Cooperation – and CREATIVITY – with Almholz


The key focus of Almholz’s business activities lies not only in the production of quality products from wood, but rather encompasses a comprehensive total package which is precisely attuned to the requirements of the customer and extends from planning and production all the way to maintenance. The cooperation between Almholz and Sunkid gives customers the advantage of being able to choose from an even larger array of products for their companies/destinations – and all this with Sunkid as the exclusive and reliable contact partner.


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