Future prospects: the new Biga-Coaster

With the Biga-Coaster, the company Sunkid Heege GmbH once again presents a completely new development in terms of amusement rides (according to EN 13814) with numerous application possibilities.

Amongst the numerous presentation of amusement rides, one particularly stands out: the Sunkid-Heege Biga-Coaster. It is one of the few amusement rides which can be experienced in an upright, standing position. However, the movement is not restricted to a standing position – in fact, almost all kinds of superstructures are possible, thus also seats or whole trains.


The very special and unique design aspect of the Biga-Coaster is the substructure. The mandatory track construction allows for the tightest radii as well as riding uphill and downhill at the very same time. This results in distinct installation possibilities which can be tailor-made to meet the individual customer’s needs.


The first customized installation has recently been realized and presented to the public on the second floor of the Tower-Event-Center, which is 30 m high. The Biga-Coaster was designed and themed as Skydrive by the operator in charge, Mr. Charles Blume, and it was designed in a very special way: half of the tracks run through the covered indoor area, the other half is located at a height of 7 m and leads onto a kind of outdoor “balcony”. High above the heads of the other amusement park visitors, guests of the Tower-Event-Center experience a special thrill with the Biga-Coaster. Due to the upright posture, not only different views can be experienced, but it also results in a completely new riding experience (also because there is no stem obstructing the view).


However, the Tower-Event-Center installation is only one of many possible indoor as well as outdoor applications. Installations on viewing platforms, amusement rides such as haunted houses or interactive areas of museums count among the numerous application possibilities.


The exceptionally happy and amazed reactions of the people who have recently tried out the Biga-Coaster prove that the Sunkid Heege technicians have managed to develop an amusement ride for the future. You can see and try out the Skydrive (=Sunkid Heege Biga-Coaster) at the Tower-Event-Center which is used for several festivals, e.g. the “Freiburger Frühjahrsmess”, the “Pfingstkirmes” in Geldern (both Germany) or the “Kermis” in Tilburg and Hoorn (Netherlands) and many more…


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