A Sunkid Conveyor Belt in the largest snow tubing park in Europe

Leysin (CH): A 117m / 383-foot long Sunkid conveyor belt with EVOLUS Gallery transports “Snowtubers” to the starting line.

The Tobogganing Park near Montreux (Lake Geneva) is among the most spectacular tubing facilities in the world. At the giant facility, Olympic medal winner and world champion in bobsledding Silvio Giobellina constructs up to 11 new  snow tubing tracks each year reaching lengths of up to 984 feet/300 meters. The starting line of the course is on a 5m /16-foot high tower from which courageous winter sports enthusiasts bolt down to reach speeds of up to 60km / 37 miles per hour.


After that much adrenaline, the comfortable ride up on the Sunkid  conveyor belt will help tubers calm down. It is in addition covered by an EVOLUS Gallery which not only brings visitors riding the conveyor belt enjoyment, but also makes Silvio Giobellina as operator of the facility happy. Maintenance of snow tracks in itself requires a lot of time. It is all the more gratifying for him and his associates that reaching operational readiness of the conveyor belt  and Gallery could not be any quicker: all you need to do is come early in the morning, open the entry gates and emergency exits – and turn on the  conveyor belt .


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