Another Swiss Skydive

Gryon (CH): Sunkid delivers an all-year park attraction for Parc Barboleuse

In the middle of June, another Sunkid Skydive  was launched into operation at the Parc Barboleuse in Gryon, Switzerland. It is approx. 65 feet (50m) long, 13 feet to 49 feet (4-15m) above the ground and suitable for children seven years and older. “The Skydive is operated by Gryon Tourisme and functions fully automatically in self-service mode using tokens. With a Start Terminal designed like a platform,” explains Axel Halder, Managing Director of Borer AG (Sunkid- CH). The Skydive can be used year-round and thanks to its small footprint has minimum space requirements. The level below (terrain) can be fully used and does not need to be closed off. The facility is constructed and certified in accordance with EN13814.


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