Sunkid lifts relieve the bottleneck

Meiringen-Hasliberg (CH): Two Sunkid small ski lifts Mega Comfort Star and SwissCord improve logistics within the ski resort

“Everyone passes through this point. Those who have just entered the ski resort; others who want to go home and all the rest who want to access the restaurants. For that reason there has always been a rather unpleasant squeeze here,” Axel Halder, Managing Director of BORER Lift AG (Sunkid CH) explains the issues customers encountered in Meiringen-Hasliberg. As of now, the problem has been solved with two small ski lifts from Sunkid.


The Sunkid Mega Comfort Star equipped with comfort platters is the main lift and remains in service throughout the entire ski day. It ensures the “basic supply” for the route, so to speak. At peak times when the highest traffic prevails, the SwissCord is switched on as a second lift.


Whereby the Sunkid SwissCord has a special advantage – passengers can board from both sides. Therefore, in cooperation with the MegaStar, a potential capacity of roughly up to 2,000 passengers per hour emerges.


“In addition, both lift systems can be moved up far enough to make it possible to prepare the lift trails using a grooming machine. Furthermore, both lifts can be dismantled in summer without great effort which is necessary in this sensitive area,” Axel Halder further explains the reasons for which the option with both lifts has proven to be an optimal solution at this point of the ski resort.


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