The Sunkid  TOWER as a lookout tower

Schloss Dankern Holiday Center (D): Sunkid installs the TOWER in an extended play area

To secure the economic base for the upkeep of the Dankern Castle in the region of Niedersachsen (Germany), the Schloss Dankern Holiday Center was founded a little over forty years ago. The idea was to provide families with children the possibility to spend an affordable holiday. An extensive holiday facility was created with over 700 holiday homes to date, as well as a variety of play and sports opportunities.


The facility was repeatedly extended and now offers not only one of the largest playgrounds in Germany, but also as of recently, a covered TOWER by Sunkid Heege which took on the role of a lookout tower in the park.


The TOWER was placed in the middle of the 0.12-acre (500 square meter) new large covered outdoor area of the play facility. With its gables with shingles and timber framework, it gives the impression of a medieval town façade. In the middle of the new area, the TOWER stands out from above the roof and provides a great view of the surroundings. Since the tower slowly rotates around its own axis, a 360° panoramic all-around view is possible. “With the lookout tower we have once again built an attraction in which our visitors need to be active themselves,” marvels Friedhelm Freiherr von Landsberg-Velen, owner of the Schloss Dankern Holiday Center, over the TOWER by Sunkid Heege.


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