Sunkid conveyor belt at Boomtown Festival

Winchester (UK): For the second time around, a Sunkid conveyor belt transports the tired Boomtown festival visitors onto Hippy Highway Hill

The Sunkid conveyor belt does not only find application in the area of winter sports – it can also be rented for events. A very extraordinary example for this purpose is Boomtown festival in Winchester (England). Once a year, a whole city with several different districts is set up on the festival grounds. In the so called “pop-up-city“, the visitors can enjoy music, arts and lost more. In order to provide every comfort, make the ascent of Hippy Highway Hill a lot easier for the festival visitors and create a connection between Downtown and Uptown in the heart of Boomtown city, a 132m/433 ft long conveyor belt was installed once again.


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