WHO is keeping on track?!

Sunny Stuff (custom-made figures): For AUDI, Sunkid designs plans and implements a "Race Course” for kids

“It keeps on track” is one of the German advertising slogans of AUDI and forms a common theme for the project implemented by Sunkid. The task given to Sunkid by AUDI was to develop a course for children which connects with a road traffic / motor sports theme, provides plenty of fun and pursues a learning objective in keeping with the concept: WHO is keeping on track?!


In the first round, a concept was developed in close cooperation with Erlebniswelten Pfefferkorn and the WWP Group Agency contracted by AUDI. Then the minute details were worked out and the final design defined. Many products used for the course were adapted from the already existing Sunkid Sunny Stuff range and manufactured in typical AUDI red. However, a few elements were developed specifically for this project such as, for example, the starting cabin, finish line (such as it is presented at the World Cup, only smaller) or the winners’ podium. The result of the project is quite astounding. Depending on the configuration, the course ultimately includes over 20 various elements which blend into a coherent theme.


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