Let them run wild with the Loopster!

Mayen (Germany): Tollipark offer extended with a themed Anniversary Edition Sunkid Loopster featuring four cabins.

Tollipark in the vicinity of Coblenz (Germany) is an adventure and play park which spans over a total area of 30,000 square meters (7ac 17997ft²). More than 3,000 square meters (32292ft²) of this impressive surface alone is taken up by a weather-proof indoor area which now features a Loopster along with artistically impressive staging. The special thing about his project is not only the "Sea" theme with cabins looking like pirate kegs which can "turn in wild water," but also the design of the "Anniversary Edition" with four cabins instead of eight.


The Loopster is suited for the small and big, so parents can do somersaults along with their children: they can go wild or easy-going, forward or backward, head first or with a backward swing.  Anything is possible, as the operator only sets the direction of the ride. The movement/rotation of the cabins is interactively and individually adapted by their users.


Aside from riding fun for the young and old, the Loopster provides even more advantages for operators of leisure and adventure parks, such as minimum space requirements, high capacity, individual design possibilities and low operating and maintenance costs.


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