The Sunkid EVOLUS Gallery as a Start Hut

EVOLUS Gallery: Along with the design team from Skiline Media GmbH, a gallery developed by Sunkid is transformed into a start hut for a permanent race circuit

Skiline Media GmbH became famous as a world-wide pioneer in solutions that digitally document a winter enthusiast's day of skiing. Through each ski pass, data concerning the number of lifts used, kilometers of ski slopes conquered, altitudes reached, as well as speed photos and photopoint pictures can be generated and accessed online.


Ski movies were established as a further pillar. These installations allows skiers registered with Skiline to be filmed automatically during their entire ride through a permanent race circuit or a fun park, as long as they pass through a turnstile at a start hut (with their ski pass). The movie generated as a result can also be accessed online at through an individual profile.


One of the challenges facing the technicians in this project was how to best protect the electronics in the start hut and guarantee daily operations. After all, a few of the start huts are located at altitudes as high as 8,200 feet (around 2,500m) and are often exposed not only to sun and snow, but repeatedly to violent storms as well. In these conditions, Skyline's choice quickly fell on the Sunkid EVOLUS Gallery, since the product already fulfilled the required conditions as a cover for the Sunkid Conveyor belt. Technicians managed to incorporate all the technology including access and turnstile in the cutting-edge design of the EVOLUS Gallery with just a few adjustments.


Additional elements in the outdoor area were custom developed from foam and finished using printed UV resistant tarpaulin canvas elements. After the primary draft and joint design with Skiline, Sunkid took on production and finishing, and prepared the “hardware” for the start huts. The design was individually adapted to the ski resort which can be seen in the examples that follow.


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