Upwind with the Sunkid conveyor belt

Nordic Ski Sports: The Sunkid conveyor belt as a climbing aid for ski jump hills

The Sunkid conveyor belt has established itself over the past years as a climbing aid for Alpine ski sport. The nearly 3,000 installed Sunkid conveyor belt in many ski resorts worldwide up to date are proof. It is less known that the passenger conveyor belt by Sunkid is also used in other areas like ski jump hills, for example.


The advantages of this solution are quite clear. If ski jumpers can get back to start more frequently and more quickly, they can perform that many more jump units per training. And they can do that all year round when a mat system is used. It is particularly interesting to know in this regard that passenger conveyors used for ski jump facilities could be built at much larger inclines than in Alpine ski sports. This fact is substantiated by authorities in that the conveyor belt is without exception used by trained sportspeople with a distinctive sense of balance. Therefore, inclines of up to 35% and more are possible.


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