The Comfort Star at the Stubai Zoo

Neustift /Stubai Glacier (Austria): To manage the boom at the start of the season, a 984-foot (300m) long Sunkid Comfort Star was installed at the snowpark for the peak period.

Unusual descriptions for snowparks have now become a tradition. Stubai Zoo is the name of one such park in Austria's largest glacier ski resort on the Stubai Glacier in Tyrol and is located at an altitude of around 9842 feet (3,000m).


Long before the beginning of the actual winter season, the season for snowboarders and freestylers is already underway at the Stubai Zoo. The outcome is appropriately high there not only before the winter season, but also after, extending far into early summer. To be able to increase the capacity for the snowpark, a bypass for the existing T-bar lift in the form of a 984-foot (300m) long Sunkid Comfort Star was installed to the side as a climbing aid.


To operate the Sunkid Comfort Star easier and more flexibly on the glacier or to transport it, the installation was furnished with height-adjustable slides at the drive and return stations. The solution allows not only for precise adjustment of the lift height depending on snow cover, but also makes aligning, securing and transporting the installation over the permanent glacier ice easier thanks to the form of the slides.


The Sunkid Comfort-Star glistens moreover with additional features such as the innovative platter which substantially increases the comfort of passengers. Thanks to the rotating bearing of the bar on the steel cable it can adapt perfectly to the height of the passenger or cable height. There are thus various possibilities for winter sports enthusiasts to use the bar, be it with the platter placed between the legs, as a handle on the side or as anchor for the back.


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