The Conveyor belt with EVOLUS XL Gallery replaces T-bar lift

Ellmau/Wilder Kaiser Ski Resort Brixental (Austria): A Sunkid Conveyor belt with EVOLUS XL Gallery offers a suitable climbing aid for countless ski novices in a generously sized practice area

Ellmau, located at the foot of the impressive Wilder Kaiser mountain range in the Tyrolean Unterland, is part of the Brixental Wilder Kaiser Ski Resort, the largest interconnected ski resort in Austria, known for its 173 miles (280km) of slopes. Thanks to the advantageous structure of the terrain and the sunny location, the well-equipped practice areas belonging to the numerous ski schools are located right in the valley of the ski resort.  To offer all these ski schools a suitable and longer climbing aid for beginners outside of their ski areas as well, a 2.46 foot (750mm) wide Sunkid conveyor belt with EVOLUS XL Gallery extending over 492ft (150m) was installed in the valley starting at the Ellmau Going lifts.   It replaces the previous small T-bar lift.


The new Conveyor belt delighted winter sports fans with its comfort, as well as the operator with its easy handling and low maintenance costs. The advantages of the EVOLUS Gallery are clear, as it significantly eases maintenance and operation of the installation and protects passengers from the elements.


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