2 NAUTIC JETS in Finnish amusement parks

Sunkid Family Rides: Two amusement parks in the South of Finland have extended their range of attractions with the addition of a Nautic Jet from Sunkid. The operators have signaled their satisfaction with the feedback of park visitors.

The Family Rides from Sunkid are not only to be found in large theme parks worldwide but also in many water parks and smaller theme parks. The decision of the operators of both the Punkaharju Resort and the Zoolandia leisure park in Finland to opt for a Sunkid Nautic Jet is a prime example of this.


Sami Laukkanen, project manager of the Punkaharju Resort, draws a very positive conclusion: “The attraction was very popular during the summer season and went down incredibly well with visitors. The number of visitors rose by 13% last year. And there’s no doubt that the Sunkid Nautic Jet played its part in this. During the opening hours, it was in use with scarcely a break. We’re really very satisfied and the Nautic Jet works perfectly.”


With the Sunkid Nautic Jet - the world's only fairground ride with a free flight phase - the visitors take their seats in the car, are winched up to the 26 ft (8m) high tower and then instantly catapulted lightning fast into the water, car and all - the ultimate adrenaline rush for visitors of all ages!


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