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Seefeld (Austria): With two conveyor belt, a Comfort Mega Star, Rotondo and a number of products from the Sunny Stuff product range, Sunkid furnishes a newly built kids' area


Seefeld in Tirol enjoys an excellent reputation as the venue for Nordic ski sports for the World Cup, Olympic Games or the 2019 World Championships.


Yet Alpine ski sports also constitute an essential pillar for the town, as the organization of the German Ski World Championships in technical disciplines showed. For those who are at the very beginning of their ski careers, a completely new kids' area was built just a few months ago at the bottom station of the Rosshütte mountain lift and furnished by Sunkid.


The terrain structure was adapted to the requirements of the beginners’ area and is divided into three areas only. This offers the possibility to teach three capability levels in one single area at the same time. The first two practice areas are connected with two Sunkid conveyor belt  extending 68 feet (21m) and 167 feet (51m) respectively. The third area for advanced skiers is served with a Sunkid Mega Comfort Star T-bar lift with height adjustment. Between lessons, an array of products from the Sunkid Sunny Stuff product range offers additional variety, with seating cubes, full-foam figures, snowball wall and much more. The kids’ area is protected with 60 foam mats which were manufactured per the customer's request.



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