On a journey of discovery with the Sunkid Conveyor belt

Sattel-Hochstuckli (CH): Yet another kind of application for the Sunkid conveyor belt as a part of an adventure installation in a 393 foot long (120m) tunnel.

The Conveyor beltt by Sunkid is already well-known as a climbing aid in kids’ skiing areas, as well as a logistics solution within ski resorts. The passenger conveyor by Sunkid has found yet another field of application in Sattel/Hochstuckli (CH) as a part of an adventure installation in a 393 foot long (120m) tunnel.


The Sattel-Hochstuckli recreation area in Switzerland is a successful and innovative visitor attraction which is open all year round and is mainly targeted towards families and day trippers.


“Rondos,” four mascots which refer to the round gondolas, represent the four seasons and emphasize the concept of the year round attraction.


To increase the volume of visitors even more, the flow of people was simplified last autumn with the construction of a return tunnel, set for the most part underground. The Sunkid Conveyor belt with a length of 393 ft (120m) installed in the tunnel serves as the central climbing aid between the kids' area (featuring the PinoCord Sunkid and Comfort Star Sunkid small ski lifts), the gondola top station with restaurant, as well as the Bambiniland. Continued use of the facility is planned for the summer season.


The Conveyor belt also designed for use in summer and completely embedded in asphalt, receives its power from an ECO photovoltaic installation with an output of 8.5 kWp which allows for self-sufficient operation of the conveyor.


During the two-minute ride, passengers can discover unexpected and exciting life! A tunnel presentation, developed by Swiss agency Steiner-Sarner, shows what really goes on underneath the surface around the tunnel in a humorous way. Just as they enter the tunnel, visitors observe “pictures" at various points of the tunnel wall which look out to sections of soil located behind it. These eight large pictures in the form of large windows present an illustrated, underground tunnel system with plenty of roots, numerous stones, as well as a variety of animals which live there, build nests, sleep and move around. Moles, mice, woodlice, earthworms, snails, ants, beetles – but also foxes, stoats, badgers and squirrels populate the kingdom presented.


As a surprise, the “Rondos” join the underground inhabitants. Thanks to the partially animated pictures, using the tunnel is entertaining and offers variety. To ensure that the installation, which fits in with its theme in summer and winter, remains exciting even with repeated rides, the fixed “earth pictures” are complemented with movable pictures of the Rondos, as well as with an acoustic installation. And as soon as visitors leave the tunnel, they want to go back under to discover the elements they had missed.


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