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Everything’s in sight with the TOWER

Jeanmenil (FRA): Fraispertuis City is a popular recreation park located 100 kilometers from Strasbourg and situated right in the middle of the Vosges Mountains.

The especially family-friend park is split into two focal themes - "Wild West" and "Pirates". A themed TOWER by Sunkid Heege was installed right next to the “Pirate ship” just a few weeks ago.


“It is important to keep bringing something new to a park,” explains Patrice Fleurent, Managing Director and a successor of the founding family. In this case, the Pirate area has been animated with the Sunkid Heege TOWER among other attractions.


“Now a great number of guests also come to this side of the park,” Patrice Fleurent continued, “and thanks to the Sunkid TOWER, they have a view of the entire park from here.” It’s a thrill for kids, as well as adults. After all, it combines interactivity with height and “just a bit of adrenaline.”


The operating family opted for a Sunkid TOWER, because not only do the interactive features of the attraction speak for themselves, but also the many references in and beyond France. And the Fleurent family was not disappointed, as everything from the design, delivery up to assembly and commissioning was to their fullest satisfaction. “If only everything would always work that well,” Patrice Fleurent noted with a wink of the eye. 



By pulling lightly on the rope, a climbing movement is simulated, and the tandem seat is motor driven upwards the length of the stroke more...


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