The height-adjustable SwissCord as a replacement investment for an old rope lift

Wagrain/Ski Amadé (Austria): With kids’ area and snow tubing, Wagraini’s Winter World is an Eldorado for children.

The SwissCord is a small ski lift from Sunkid's broad product line. It advantages are especially utilized in places where special logistics solutions within a ski resort are needed. A length of up to 984 feet (300m) without support posts makes it a valuable connector and return lift in a number of ski resorts.


In Wagrain (Wagrainer Höhe mountain pass), the SwissCord was installed in place of the existing rope lift which had been used for years. The requirement for the new lift was that it had to be built as narrow as possible, as the adjacent ski slope in this section is not particularly wide. The operators decided to go with the Sunkid SwissCord not only because of the vertically running return cable which reduces the width of the lift track to a minimum, but also because of the Sunkid SwissCord’s height adjustment capability.


It can be lifted up to a height of nearly 13 feet (4m), thus making it possible to individually adjust the SwissCord to snow height or body size of the passengers (children or adults). For the operator, the height adjustment provides the possibility to ride the snow groomer underneath the cable, so the lift track can be prepared in just a few minutes.


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