It is a climbing aid for everybody!

Solda (ITALY): A 590-foot (180m) long conveyor belt replaces the currently installed platter lift, allowing for additional capacity.

... from grandma to infant, from tobogganist to snowboarder,” says Andreas Kössler, owner of the new Sunkid conveyor belt in Solda (Italy), enthusiastic about his latest investment.


That is to say, in the spot where a platter lift used to stand, a 590-foot (180m) long Sunkid conveyor belt with EVOLUS Gallery has now been installed.


To adapt to the natural terrain in the best possible way, the conveyor belt follows a convex-concave line.  Beneath the conveyor belt runs a 229-foot (70m) long underground tunnel which leads from the beginner’s area to the bottom station of the mountain lift. Crossing the lift track is now a thing of the past.


“The number of passengers has considerably increased compared to previous periods. Here of course, skiers make up the vast majority. However, the conveyor belt is also gladly used by pedestrians or tobogganists," Andreas Kössler further explains.  Yet the versatile transportation possibilities weren’t the only reason that the investor opted for a Sunkid conveyor belt. “The passenger conveyor helps to keep maintenance and operating costs much lower comparing to a T-bar lift,” Andreas Kössler explains.


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