Old becomes new: Restoration of the Eichhörnchenbahn – Lochmühle (GER)

Sunkid Heege Amusement Tech brings the 25-year-old "Eichhörnchenbahn" back up to speed.

The Eichhörnchenbahn was nearly a quarter century old when the customer approached Sunkid with his request for a restoration. Many parents who now come to visit the park with their children already rode the Eichhörnchenbahn when they were children themselves. That was one reason why the customer wanted to preserve this attraction at all costs.
Further Sunkid products in his entertainment park had shown the customer the competences of Sunkid Heege's technicians already. The weaknesses the old ride had developed over the years (rust, damage, wear) were discussed at a customer meeting. Then the old ride was taken to the Sunkid Heege halls and rebuilt entirely there. It took a few months before the completely restored ride has been returned to its tracks, where it is (almost) even more beautiful now than it was in the early 1990s. The 128m of the track are relatively quickly passed at nearly 30 km/h. The ride goes around three times, though. It even includes "a bit of airtime"…


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