It does not always have to be a leisure park: Sunkid Skydive at a shopping mall

The Sunkid Skydive has already been installed over 250 times all over the world; the majority in traditional recreational parks. Here, we present an application beyond that realm.

At the newly constructed Bory Mall shopping center (Bratislava/Slovakia), the largest play tower in central Europe for kids was constructed in the outdoor area. Kids can let off steam on five levels on a variety of play and climbing devices, tunnels and different slides. Even an integrated tubing track, called the Donut Glider, introduces kids to a completely new slide experience.


However, the Sunkid Skydive has become without a doubt the highlight, where kids can fly over the entire play area in front of the shopping mall at a height of 22 feet (7m). It provides a bit of adrenaline for the kids and lots of joy for adults as well. So a trip to the shopping mall also turns into recreation for the whole family.


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