Lifts: The Sunkid Comfort Star as a start to using a ski lift

The Sunkid Comfort Star with comfort platters offers a modular system with over 80 (!) different possible combinations and can be installed without supports over a distance of up to 1148 feet (350m)

The Wilder Kaiser-Brixental SkiWelt is Austria’s largest connected ski resort. The westernmost point of entry into the ski resort is the bottom station of the Salvistabahn mountain lift in Itter. And there, right near the cable car lift, a Sunkid Comfort Star offers the perfect opportunity to learn how to start using a ski lift. In the spot where an old low rope lift stood for many years, a Sunkid Comfort Star now stands as a replacement. While the ride up with the conveyor belt is not a big problem for beginners, the subsequent transfer to the various T-bar lifts can have its pitfalls. So that skiers of all levels can intertwine with each other as smoothly as possible, Sunkid has added the "Comfort Star" small ski lift to its offer. This small ski lift gives the benefit of introducing the beginner to ski lift use in a simple way. The Comfort Star offers variable comfort platters which rotate on a steel cable and thanks to its modular system, over 80 (!) different combination possibilities. It can be installed at a length of up to 350 m without supports and is certified in accordance with EU Guideline 2000/9/CE.


Sunkid “Comfort-Star” key data: 

• Length wheel-to-wheel up to approx. 984 ft (300m) 
• Incline up to 40% 
• Theoretical maximum output approx. 650 passengers per hour, 
  11 kW motor
• Speed adjustment with frequency converter 
• Exit station approx. 2 ft (70cm) mechanically height-adjustable 
• Ø 0.35 inch (9mm) steel cable with 
• comfort platters mounted every 35 ft (10m) torsion-free to the cable 
• Hydraulic height adjustment up to approx. 7 ft (2.4m) (variant)
• Hot-dipped galvanized structure
• Override protection at the mountain and valley stations 
• Platter training station


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