The Sunkid Conveyor Belt System celebrates its anniversary

In the 20th year of its existence, Sunkid installs the 3000th conveyor belt system at Les Arcs ESF 1800

Sunkid, the pioneer in passenger conveyor belt systems, has been celebrating a special kind of anniversary these past days. In the twentieth year of its existence, Sunkid has installed its 3000th system in the French Les Arcs and delivered it to Mr. Guillaume Villibord, Director of the ESF 1800 Ski School.

In 1996, the “starting shot" for Sunkid was fired and the development of the first mobile passenger conveyor belt climbing aid in ski resorts was launched. What was once the effect of a workgroup at a leading Tyrolean mountain lift and ski school enterprise, developed over the years into a success story that was thought unimaginable. The foundation created led on the one hand to the quality and reliability of Sunkid products, and on the other to the belief and trust of customers in the potential of passenger conveyor belts.  

While originally, the maximum possible length of a passenger conveyor belt was 39 feet (12m), development did not stop there and in the meantime, Sunkid Conveyor Belt Systems of up to 1312 feet (400m) long have been installed and operated for many years in over 60 countries in the world. 

And now – 20 years later – Sunkid, as a world market leader in the passenger conveyor belt sector, can announce the production of its 3000th system which has been installed in the ski instruction area of the ESF 1800 Ski School in Les Arcs. The system which was specially designed to fit the occasion had been delivered turnkey ready during a small ceremony at the beginning of the 2015/16 season to ski school director Guillaume Villibord.

If we were to place all 3,000 installations one after the other, we would reach a total length of nearly 97 miles (156,000 meters). So we could theoretically cover the distance from Grenoble directly to the Les Arcs ESF 1800 ski resort with all the Sunkid Conveyor Belt Systems installed to date. Or we could cross Italy from coast to coast between Pisa and Ravenna.

Yet as we at Sunkid like to take a look back to the years past, we are even more so happy about the present and that which is still to come.


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