The BUTTERFLY can also be used indoors

The BUTTERFLY is usually installed outdoors. But it’s also incredible fun indoors - not only for kids, but their parents as well. And it’s also available in an XL version.

Andernach (Germany): The TRAMPOLINO family and recreational park, located in Andernach in the region of Rhineland-Palatinate, offers plenty of attractions for the whole family. Aside from the outdoor area (equipped among others with a Sunkid NAUTIC JET), the spacious facility also includes an indoor area. A Sunkid BUTTERFLY has been installed right next to the Sunkid TOWER which has just been constructed. It shines not only with its new form, but also with its fresh yellow and blue colors. The Sunkid BUTTERFLY is especially stunning not only for users, but for visitors as well, as they use the benches directly beneath and right next to the access ramp. They are so to speak “right in the middle of it instead of on the sidelines”.

Eschweiler (Germany): The Sunkid BUTTERFLY in Rocolino is just as spectacular. An XL version of the BUTTERFLY stands here. XL means an extension of the rail line to 82 feet (25m) which translates to a starting height of over 22 feet (7m). And a top speed of 20 mph (33 km/h). Yet there is an age rating starting at 7 years and approx. 4 feet (125cm) or 4 years and approx. 3 feet (105cm) (accompanied by an adult).
The Butterfly could originally only be installed in an outdoor area. Due to the potential for all-year use, the operator opted for indoor installation during the production phase and with extensive measurements conducted on-site in the hall. It is the only XL version of its kind to date.


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