The motorized height-adjustable Swisscord as a connection lift in a ski resort

Laax/Flims/Falera (Suisse): To access the bottom station of the newly constructed La Siala 10-seater gondola lift, a height-adjustable Sunkid SwissCord has been selected as a suitable connection lift

The SwissCord is a small ski lift from the broad Sunkid product range which shows its advantages above all as a connection and return lift. It can conquer lengths of up to 984 feet (300m) without support and inclines of up to 20%. Thanks to its power-operated height-adjustment at a minimum clearance of 15 feet (4.7m), preparation of the lift trail using a snow groomer is a breeze.


For the 2015/2016 winter season, the La Siala 3-seater chair lift has been replaced with a state-of-the-art 10-seater gondola. With the resulting extension of the line, the area around La Siala can be even better accessed. However, the bottom station needed to be relocated. To be able to access it from other areas of the ski resort, the operator opted for a Sunkid SwissCord rope lift. It has the advantage of being able to handle lengths up to 984 feet (300m) without supports. In addition, the SwissCord can be lifted up to a clearance height of 15 feet (4.7m), thus making it possible to individually adjust it to snow height or body size of the passengers (children or adults). For the operator, the height adjustment provides the possibility to ride the snow groomer underneath the cable, so the lift track can be prepared in just a few minutes.


The Sunkid SwissCord at a glance: 

• Length: up to 984 feet (300m)
• 20% max. incline 
• Speed: 0.3 ft/s - 6.5 ft/s (0.1m – 2.0 m/sec). variably adjusted 
• Power: 3 – 11 KW depending on length 
• Theoretical capacity: up to 720 passengers per hour 
• Two-sided access is possible 
• Power speed adjustment using a frequency converter 
• Substation is pluggable and portable 
• Folded stopgabe at the bottom and top stations
• Certified in accordance with EU Guideline 2000/9/CE 
• Atlas synthetic rope (ø 16 mm) with rubber handgrips 
• Mount on concrete plates or using a steel foundation 
• Galvanized steel construction 
• Approval without direct supervisory staff possible 
• Power height adjustment of the bottom and to stations up to 12ft (3.9m) height 
- Adjust to passenger height (children or adults) 
- Adjusts to snow height 
- Easy preparation using snow groomers.


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