All year round use of the conveyor belt

Sattel/Hochstuckli (Switzerland): Tunnel conveyor belt in winter for skiers and in summer for tubing

You will find an interesting use of the conveyor belt in Sattel-Hochstuckli, where an attractive and successful public attraction has opened for use throughout the year. Efforts to further increase the visitor numbers were successfully achieved through simplifying the flow of visitors by constructing a return tunnel that lies mostly beneath the ground level. The Sunkid conveyor belt that is installed in the tunnel, covering a length of 393 feet (120m), is used as a central climbing aid between the Kinderland and Gondola mountain station during the winter. The conveyor belt also serves as a climbing aid during the summer for the Sunkid tubing track that is installed parallel to the tunnel. This summer tubing installation is the first track of this type which leads through a tunnel in the final section.

Moreover, the Sunkid Conveyor Belt, as well as the tubing track are components of a year-round installation inside the tunnel. These eight large pictures in the form of large windows present an illustrated, underground tunnel system with plenty of roots, numerous stones, as well as a variety of animals which live there, build nests, sleep and move around. Moles, mice, woodlice, earthworms, snails, ants, beetles – but also foxes, stoats, badgers and squirrels populate the kingdom presented.


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