Sunkid Conveyor Belts for all snow sports activities

La Toussuire (France): Large project with 2 covered Sunkid Conveyor Belts

La Toussuire is the highest situated spot of the “Les Sybelles” ski resort. In the middle of the village, right next to the office of tourism, the previously unused area was converted into an area for beginners, as well as tobogganers and sledders this year.
The terrain is divided into two areas with differing inclines which have each been made accessible with a Sunkid Conveyor Belt. The Sunkid Conveyor Belts are protected with an EVOLUS Gallery which is equipped with sliding doors at the emergency exits, as well as covered entry and exit areas with folding doors.

Staff members have an overview of what goes on in the gallery thanks to the installed cameras which converge on a monitor in the control building. The flat, 206-foot (63m) long conveyor belt at the entry to the kids’ area has been fitted with a Ruff-Top surface and is operated at a speed of 2.3ft/s (0.7m/s). The connecting, steeper 511-foot (156m) long conveyor belt has a Blue-Eye surface and transport speed can be adjusted here up to 3.9ft/s (1.2m/s). Thanks to its proximity to the center of La Toussuire, the slope also becomes a meeting point for winter sports enthusiasts in the evening, as the facility can then be used for tobogganing under floodlights. For this purpose, continuous lighting has also been installed inside the gallery.


  • Installation site: La Toussuire 
  • Purpose of the Conveyor Belt: beginners’ area & sledding
  • 29-inch (750mm) conveyor belt width
  • Type: Ruff Top & Blue Eye surface
  • Length: 206 & 511ft (63 & 156m)
  • Incline: 8 & 18%
  • Power: 11 & 30 KW motor
  • Speed: 2.3 & 3.9ft/s (0.7 & 1.2 m/s)
  • Capacity: 2000 passengers per hour
  • EVOLUS M Gallery with side emergency exits, as well as covered entry and exit with folding doors
  • Uninterrupted overview with cameras and monitors
  • Lighting inside the gallery


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