Sunkid EVOLUS Gallery pays dividends already during the first season

 Artesina/Mondolè Ski (Italy): In addition to the 393 foot (120m) long Conveyor Belt, the operator has also invested in roofing. It was a good decision, as it later turned out.

This past winter varied greatly, as far as snowfall was concerned. While snow cover was rather sparse in the eastern Alp region, other areas like the western Alps enjoyed abundant snow levels. It also snowed more than adequately in parts of Italy. Such was the case in Artesina which is a part of the Mondolé Ski Resort and located in Piedmont. The operator there chose to invest in a 393 foot (120m) long and 29 inch (750mm) wide Conveyor Belt in the beginners’ area. They also opted for the installation of a Sunkid EVOLUS Gallery.
It was the right decision, as the following images tellingly demonstrate.

  • Installation site: Artesina/ Mondolè Ski (Italy)
  • Target use of the Conveyor Belt:  climbing aid in a beginner’s area  
  • Length: 393 feet (120m)
  • Blue Eye surface
  • Speed of up to 2.29 feet per second (0.7 meters per sec.)
  • Incline: 17 %
  • Power: 15 KW motor
  • 29 inch (750mm) conveyor width
  • Capacity: 1042 passengers per hour
  • Jumbo drive station with belt cleaning system
  • Jumbo return and  tensioning stations


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