Xraycer – Buschbeck Outdoor - Fischbachau (GER)

"The Xraycer is THE highlight with fun factor!"

"At the moment, we have 14 Xraycers in use They are usually used for groups," Alexander Buschbeck, managing director of the outdoor company of the same name, reports on his experience with the Xraycer.
"We were the first to include the Xraycer in our range. Our success proves us right. We offer the Xraycer to our customers in various applications; the rental area surely plays the greatest role. On the one hand, guests can borrow the Xraycer from us after thorough training. On the other hand, they can book a guided tour from us. The mountains - or the paths in our closer proximity - are ideal for the Xraycer, since they offer all downhill options for beginners as well as for advanced users. We can also bring the Xraycer right to our customers. For example, we can set up a slalom course right on site and determine the fastest or the most skilful user in the group in one or several passes."
The outdoor pro summarises his experience as follows: "No matter if for events or in rental business: The Xraycer is THE highlight with a true fun factor."


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