Sundancer: Proven philosophy and yet with so much new

Sunkid presents an interactive ride with an entirely new type of thrilling experience at the EAS Barcelona

Sunkid presents a family ride with an entirely new thrilling experience with the Sundancer at the EAS in Barcelona. 
This is caused by the cabin tilting with increasing speeds

The concept of the Sunkid Sundancer follows in the footsteps of traditional family rides by Sunkid Heege. Minimal space requirements for medium capacity with maximum fun factor for the whole family was also at the very top of the functional specifications of the designers with the Sundancer. Even the simple operation – recognizable at the entrance gate, which is already in use for the Butterfly, Luna Loop and Nautic Jet – has been implemented with the best tradition in mind. The Sundancer moves along its circular path in two dimensions, just like a planet orbiting around the sun and on its axis at the same time. Passengers experience a completely new thrill on the ride as the cabin tilts at increasing speeds, the enthusiasm of which was clear to see upon extensive customer testing.

Twice the interactivity

Great emphasis was also placed on the issue of interactivity with the Sundancer: it's not only the rotation of the cabin that the passengers can control themselves, but also the rotational speed of the cabin around the center. And the greater the circumferential speed, the further the cabin tilts out. Depending on the thematization, the whole family can enjoy interactive and multidimensional riding fun thanks to the use of wind, water, video and sound effects.  


An overview of the Sunkid Sundancer:

  • Simpler ease of use for the user 
  • supervisor only needs to be in sight and earshot (pos. video monitoring) 
  • 4 seats (optional: version with 2 seats) 
  • Capacity for 160 persons/h 
  • Operational concept like the proven Sunkid Heege Family Rides: Nautic Jet, Butterfly or Luna Loop (e.g. with identical entrance gate) 
  • The cabin is guided along a level, circular track (space requirements as with Luna Loop) 
  • The speed is controlled by the passengers The passengers rotate the cabin around its own axis by means of the centrally positioned rotary wheel
  • The centrifugal forces are experienced and controlled in three different ways; as … 
    … a circular track of the gondola around the center, (3) 
    … a circular track of the gondola around its vertical axis, and (1) 
    … pivoting of the gondola (2). 
  • Thematization of the system possible


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