The Sunkid Comfort Star at the Olympic mountain

Le Praz/Courchevel: Alternative uses for the Sunkid Comfort Star small ski lift at the ski jump Olympic stadium

As a part of the 1992 Olympic Winter Games in Albertville, the ski jump competition was held in Le Praz/Courchevel. Even today, the ski jump stadium serves a station for the Summer Grand Prix of the world’s best ski jumpers, as well as a training center used all year round. To ease the climb to the smallest jump platform for the youngest ski jumping trainees, a 396-foot (121m) long Sunkid Comfort Star small ski lift was installed.

The Comfort Star small ski lift by Sunkid not only fills its purpose as a gap closure between the Conveyor Belt and “large” T-bar lifts, but also in alternative uses like here as a climbing aid for ski jump trainees in Le Praz/Courchevel

The intended use as a climbing aid for ski jumping trainees is only one of several alternative use possibilities of the extremely popular Sunkid Comfort Star. Yet in general, the small ski lift is used in places where an ideal gap closure between the Sunkid Conveyor Belt for beginners and the various “large” T-bar lifts for advanced sports enthusiasts is needed.

While riding up on the Sunkid Conveyor Belt presents no big problems for beginners, the subsequent change to the various T-Bar lifts definitely has its pitfalls. So that the particular levels of skill can intertwine as smoothly as possible, Sunkid has introduced the "Comfort Star" small ski lift into its offer. This small ski lift offers the advantage of introducing beginners to using a ski lift in an easy way. And it can extend over a length of up to 984 ft (300m) without supports and if necessary even without a concrete foundation. In fact, this can be achieved by using a buried steel cross construction.

Sunkid „Comfort-Star“ Key Data: 

• Length wheel-to-wheel up to approx. 984 ft (300m) 
• Incline up to 40%
• Theoretical maximum output approx. 650 passengers per hour, 11 kW motor 
• Speed adjustment with frequency converter
• Exit station approx. 2 ft (70cm) mechanically height-adjustable 
• Ø 0.35 inch (9mm) steel cable with
• comfort platters mounted every 35 ft (10m) torsion-free to the cable 
• Hydraulic height adjustment up to approx. 7 ft (2.4m) (variant) 
• Hot-dipped galvanized structure 
• Override protection at the mountain and valley stations 
• Platter training station


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