Sunkid Conveyor Belt: The Rolls-Royce among climbing aids for beginners

Champéry (CH): EVOLUS Gallery with wood paneling and complete enclosure in the practice area of the Palladium Hotel

The special thing about the project built by Sunkid on the premises of the Palladium Hotel in Champéry is the incorporated wood trim of the EVOLUS Gallery on the one hand, and the complete enclosure of the entry and exit areas on the other.

These areas are not only fully covered, but also equipped with synthetic mats (as a snow replacement). Both areas are protected from the elements thanks to large drapes. This means top comfort for guests, as well as operators.

“Kids are starting to ski increasingly early nowadays and sometimes have problems with large T-bar lifts,” explains Luc Défago, Managing Director of the ski school. “The Conveyor Belt is much more comfortable and kids are usually familiar with the principle from their experiences in department stores. It is the Rolls-Royce among climbing aids for beginners.”


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