Sunkid Snow V - Snow braking assistant

For over 20 years, Sunkid’s goal has been to support ski schools in their work.
The question of whether we were successful in doing so with the Sunkid Snow V could not be better answered than by the people who work with it day in, day out: the ski instructors.
Read a few opinions of ski school managers who use the Sunkid Snow V here below.

Use of the Snow V for ski instructors/ schools and beginners/kids::

  • Kids/beginners achieve a homogeneous level more quickly and feel better equipped "for the slope”
  • Quicker sense of achievement leads to reduced frustration-related drop-out rates during ski courses
  • Relief for the ski instructor
  • o The complex process of snow braking can be explained more easily and is “noticeable and perceptible” for kids -> the movement does not need to be “understood” beforehand, but can be “imitated” on the slope in the kids’ area right after using the Snow V.
  • o Specialization (focus) on "cases of hardship." The entire group benefits from this - the "better ones" always feel they "have to wait."
  • More regulated flow in the kids’ area, more fluctuation in the kids’ area (fewer “traffic jams”)
  • As a result, kids/beginners can leave the kids’ area considerably sooner.


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