Sunkid Conveyor Belt provides access to practice slope

Bardonnechia (ITA)

Over the past 20 years, 400 of the 3,000 Sunkid Conveyor Belts implemented worldwide have been operated and installed by Sunkid Italia, represented by Harald Kaneider in Italy. 
One of the newest installations has been built and put into operation with the beginning of the past winter season in Bardonnechia.
Bardonnechia itself is by the way the westernmost municipality in Italy and was the venue of the snowboarding competition as a part of the Olympic Games in Turin. Even 10 years later, winter sports still continue to shape the image of the municipality and the infrastructure is being accordingly adapted to the needs. Therefore, a 492-foot (150m) long and approx. 30 inches (750mm) wide modern Sunkid Conveyor Belt now transports skiing and snowboarding novices directly from the center of town up to the practice slope, where they can ride a perfectly inclined trail. A toboggan run is situated on the other side of the conveyor belt and beckons you to enjoy some sledding or playing and romping in the snow. The Conveyor Belt proves to be the ideal climbing aid for winter sports enthusiasts for such diverse requirements

  • Installation site: Bardonnechia (Italiy)
  • Target use of the Conveyor Belt: Climbing aid for beginner skiers and tobogganers
  • Length: 492 ft (150m)
  • Blue Eye surface
  • Speed of up to 2.29 feet (0.7 meters) per sec.
  • Incline: 17 %
  • Power: 15 KW motor
  • 30 inches (750mm) conveyor width
  • Capacity: 1042 passengers per hour
  • Jumbo drive station with belt cleaning system
  • Jumbo return and tensioning stations


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