The Conveyor belt system as Logistics Solution

From the parking place to the valley station, as a transport to gastronomy offers, across bridges or through underpasses, a connection to the town centre or to public transport and with many other applications: more and more destinations are discovering the Sunkid conveyor belt as a smart transport solution even away from the classical slopes in skiing areas.

No matter the sports equipment on their feet, all winter athletes can use the Sunkid conveyor belt at the same time and "tightly packed". This means a considerable increase of comfort for the guests, while the operator is now able to efficiently control visitor flows in his skiing area.


Especially where connecting routes are concerned, however, they are often not only used by the winter athletes with their various types of sports equipment, but also by pedestrians. This is where the Sunkid conveyor belt  can really play its ace when compared to other means of transport.

The maximum length of the conveyor belt  is usually limited by the situation on site more than by technical reasons.

We would like to introduce the installation in Oberstdorf/Söllereck (GER) to you as an example for logistics solutions from the parking place to the valley station today. Since this winter started, a new and broader Sunkid conveyor belt  with a length of 130 metres has replaced the previous one. Taking guests from the parking place of the Söllereckbahn right to the starting area of the valley station, it overcomes a height difference of 27 metres. That's not a lot, to be sure, but doing it with skiing boots on your feet and your equipment in hand is not the perfect start into your day on skis.
As it is, the guests' enjoyable skiing day begins with a Sunkid conveyor belt  that receives them at the end of the parking place and comfortably takes them towards the Valley Station.


Find some examples of implemented logistics solutions with the conveyor belt  below:

  • From the parking place to the valley station
  • Underpasses
  • Crossing bridges
  • Supplying gastronomy
  • Return to the lift station
  • Connection between skiing areas
  • Glaciers to the mountain station


Fact Box conveyor belt  as a logistics solution:

  • Application area: Everywhere in the skiing area, where small height differences, obstacles, rises, etc., must be bridged.
  • Installation sunk on the meadow, in the snow and in asphalt/concrete
  • Disassembly and space-saving storage possible when not in use (if no summer use) can easily be performed by the customer directly
  • Speeds of up to 1.2 m/s are possible. The standard speed is 0.7 m/s.
  • Controlling visitor flows
  • More comfort for the guests
  • Faster connection
  • New routing


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