Sunkid Comfort Star T-Bar platter lift with new height adjustment

The Sunkid Comfort Star closes the gap between the Sunkid conveyor belt  and the "big" T-Bar platter lifts within a ski resort.


In addition to the possible length of up to 1148 feet (350m) without supports and a comfortable platter for the big and small, a new revised option is also available: The motor hydraulic height adjustment of up to 9 feet (2.8m) with automatic adjustment of the disc incline allows for quick and flexible adjustment to terrain, snow cover, as well as passengers.


While riding up on the Conveyor Belt presents no big problems for beginners, a change to the various platter or T-Bar lifts definitely has its pitfalls. So that the particular levels of skill can intertwine as smoothly as possible, Sunkid has introduced the "Comfort Star" small ski lift into its offer. The lift with the comfort T-Bar platter features a number of options.


The option allowing for height adjustment of the Sunkid Comfort Star has now undergone a comprehensive overhaul. The function described as a “big sled” allows for height adjustment of up to 9 feet (2.8m) while maintaining the incline of the driving and/or deflecting pulley unchanged. Therefore, the height of the Comfort Star can be optimally adapted to existing snow cover, terrain and passengers.

Sunkid Comfort Star key data:

  • Length wheel-to-wheel up to 1148 feet (350m)
  • Incline up to 40% 
  • Maximum theoretical output approx. 720 passengers per hour, 11 kW motor
  • Speed adjustment with frequency converter
  • Exit station mechanically height adjustable by approx. 2 feet (70cm)
  • Steel cable Ø 9 mm with 
  • Comfort T-Bar platters placed on the cable every 39 feet (10m) twist-free 
  • Galvanized structure
  • Overrun protection at the upper and bottom stations 
  • T-Bar practice station


Optional “Big Sled” height adjustment:

  • (Motor) hydraulic height adjustment of up to 9 feet (2.8m)
  • Automatic adjustment of pulley incline with height adjustment
  • Height adjustment mechanism is secured against unintended lowering using an automatic ratchet and pawl function. 
  • Double-action cylinder supports lifting AND lowering


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