Wood’n’Fun: From a Wintery Conveyor belt to a Magical Wood-Ball Track

The Sunkid wood-ball track can be installed as a summer use for the Conveyor belt or as a dedicated product. The investment will pay off either way.

Asked "What do we do with the conveyor belt in summer?" Sunkid offers a new product in the Wood’n’Fun range for summer tubing with the wood-ball track now.
The wood-ball facility is a playing track installed on a Sunkid conveyor belt covered in larch wood shingles. It can also be installed as a dedicated track "on the green meadow".

The user purchases a wood ball with the destination's logo at a vending machine at the start of the track, which provides not only a playing device for the facility, but also a pretty souvenir.

This was also done at the WIDIVERSUM Hochoetz (AUT), where the wood-ball track's success is evidenced by approx. 6,000 wood balls sold in the last summer season. "It's not just children who send their balls through the course," says Matthias Speckle with a chuckle. In the same context, we would like to mention that the WIDIVERSUM developed and implemented by Sunkid and partners brought a 30% increase of rides to the Bergbahn Hochoetz.


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