The conveyor belt: The turbo for the mountain summer

Summer as an important source of income is increasingly gaining in importance for a growing number of destinations. Sunkid offers many options for optimal year-round use of existing infrastructure.

The growth driver of summer tourism is increasingly turning into a central subject. Sunkid supports it around the world in planning and implementation of new target-group-compatible worlds of experience, as well as offering a number of exciting applications by which the existing infrastructure can be used ideally.

Summer tubing: Just perfect for the conveyor belt

The conveyor belt probably is the prime example of equipment with diverse uses as a means of transport for persons and various pieces of sports devices. Established as a fixed part of skiing areas in winter, it is more and more often also used for summer operation.
It is particularly popular as a climbing aid for summer tubing, one of the trends in this segment that see the highest demand.

Summer tubing enables guests to dash downhill on plastic mats on a winding path in tubular tyres ("tubes"). The ride may end on an airbag after jumping the kicker – or, even more spectacularly, in water.
Examples: Vail (USA), Pantiglate (ITA), Sendaviva (ESP), Metabief (FRA), …

Bike Park: To the next trail by conveyor belt

Use of conveyor belts in bikeparks isn't quite as popular yet. Where the "real" downhill routes are still too dangerous for children and beginners, many destinations offer bikeparks with a moderate exercise slope.
In areas where the terrain is generally flatter, bikepark operators also trust in the conveyor belt as uncomplicated, perfectly weather- and dirt-resistant climbing aids that can span several hundred metres.
Examples: Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure (BEL), St. Corona (AUT), Leogang (AUT), …

Wood ball track: The converted conveyor belt

Even "out of order", the conveyor belt can be used for a surprising summer application by carrying the wood ball track. For the wood ball track, a playing track with a variety of obstacles is installed on top of a Sunkid conveyor belt panelled in wood. (Also available as an independent track "on the green field"). The wooden balls are branded with the destination logo and are sold from a dedicated vending machine. The wood ball track thus combines fun and entertainment for the visitors with a profitable offer for the operator.
Examples: Planai (AUT), Hochoetz (AUT), ...

Fact Box: The Sunkid conveyor belt in mountain summer

  • Offer expansion for beginners and families with young children.
  • Additional benefit for skiing areas by summer use
  • Suitable for various sports that only need a slight slope
  • Can also be used temporarily for events
  • Quick setup and removal without terrain corrections
  • Uncomplicated, perfectly weather- and dirt-resistant climbing aid
  • Up to 400 metres and more possible  


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