Height-adjustable small ski lifts save time and money for the operator.

The motor-powered height adjustment of the small Sunkid ski lifts permits servicing of the lift route with the snow groomer in just a few minutes. This saves time and resources. Smooth adjustment to the existing snow height is ensured as well.

Time and resource protection (fuel) take the utmost priority in slope preparation.
Sunkid takes this into consideration by presenting the SwissCord and the Mega Comfort Star: two height-adjustable rope lifts that help reduce the lift route's maintenance effort to the least possible.

This is made possible by the smooth motor-powered height adjustment that completely clears the lift route before it is prepared by the snow groomer.
This option is particularly important for these lift types, since they are often used by skiing beginners according to their purpose. A clearly prepared lift track is mandatory to keep the number of "drop-outs" and the connected deactivations as low as possible.

After successful preparation, the lifts can be lowered again adjusted to the present snow height to the centimetre. The brackets or the rope will have the ideal position for their users.


Overview of the height-adjustable small ski lifts by Sunkid:

Mega Comfort Star

The Mega Comfort Star can be smoothly adjusted in height by up to 5 metres and will transport skiers and snowboarders of any age across inclinations of up to 40%(!). Its special strength is in transporting winter athletes of all sizes (children and adults) at the same time without losing comfort. This is made possible by the patented comfort seat disk bracket that is supported rotating on the steel cable and will adjust to the user's size.



The SwissCord is not only used as an exercise lift for beginners, but also as a connection lift, access or return lift. It is characterised by its vertical cable return (extra safety) with a motor-powered height adjustment of up to 2.8 m.


Other small Sunkid ski lifts:



The PinoCord is a small ski lift with a low rope guide that, like the Comfort Star is used as one step up from the conveyor belt. It has its greatest benefits where there is only a slight rise of the terrain or a relatively short lift is needed.


Comfort Star

The Comfort Star has identical specifications to those of the Mega Comfort Star, but no height adjustment.
However, the Comfort Star is optionally available with the moderate height adjustment "large sledge":

  • (Motor) hydraulic height adjustment up to 2.8 metres
  • Automatic adjustment of the disc inclination at height adjustment
  • The height adjustment mechanism is secured against accidental lowering by an automatically engaging catch lock.
  • Double-acting cylinder supports lifting AND lowering


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