Photo points: A picture says more than a thousand words ever could...

…about your destination. The Sunkid photo points offer the matching (wooden) frame for this.

Thanks to social networks, photo points have become important hot spots within a destination.

Sunkid has discovered this potential for its customers and offers original photo points of wood in many different shapes and sizes. They are available as photo frames as well in more elaborate designs, e.g. as oversized hearts or letters.

The combination of an original product and deliberately chosen location promises a high share rate in social networks. In the best case, it makes the observers yearn for your destination. 70% of the respondent Facebook users confirm that they would rather travel to a place where they have seen friends or family in photographs before*.

A photo point can also be made up of more than one element. This is the case at the Planai, where the "Steirereck" was set up. Inspired by the wonderful view of the Dachstein, a very special photo point has been created for the Planai trains. "We wanted to create something that is typically Styrian and regional and put the breath-taking panorama in the best light. Photographs from Planai Steirereck let guests take home a piece of Styria," says Planai's manger Dir. Georg Bliem.
Styrian comfort and very typically Styrian elements such as a Klapotetz, the heart-shaped Styrian bench or the door of a toilet house with heart cut-out provide backgrounds for some different holiday photographs from the mountain.

Contact us. We will develop photo points together with you that will be a "worthy frame" for your destination as well!

Fact box Sunkid photo points:

  • Photo points are "word of mouth 2.0" for any destination.
  • With deliberately placed motives in the background of the photo points, the destination greatly influences which of its motifs are going to be spread in social networks.
  • The more unique the photo point, the higher the share rate
  • The destination logo is automatically conveyed by the photo point as well.
  • Photo points are a cost-efficient but highly efficient marketing means for destination management.

* Source: Sparkler Facebook Travel Study “Near and Now”


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