Sunkid slope rule system: safety for guests and the skiing area

Sunkid has developed a child-compatible concept around the slope rules to guide guests throughout the skiing area. By implementing this slope rule concept, the skiing area demonstrates its active commitment in terms of safety.

A child-compatible concept across the entire skiing area:

  • When purchasing a ski card or starting a ski course, guests will receive an information leaflet with the destination's logo and layout that explains the slope rules in child-appropriate pictures.
  • The cable railway cars are equipped with stickers. Guests can use their ride up to have a closer look at the slope rules and explain them to their children if necessary.
  • An overview of all rules is presented at the orientation panels at the starting and crossing points of the skiing area.
  • The "slope rule path" is installed to enable them to "experience" what they learned.
    Ideally, this path is very simple and broad. All eleven slope rules are installed on full foam material panels and can be explored step by step. As a special feature, the panels are available in multiple languages – just as the customer desires.
  • All skiing instructors will take their groups down the slope rules path once every week to discuss the individual panels with the children. Recent experience already shows that children not only find this to be great fun, but also like to pass on what they learned to their own older companions as "educators".
  • The cable railway and skiing schools also actively integrate the subject of slope rules into their media communication. All rules are reflected on the companies' websites and Facebook pages.
  • All landlords are contacted to inform their guests as well.

Binding rules

By the way: The slope rules are general rules of conduct. They apply on all skiing slopes in the world and are comparable to road traffic rules. The highest principle of the FIS rules is: "Consideration".

Overview of the integrated concept:

  • A practical fold-out leaflet is provided with the lift ticket.
  • Stickers in the cable car
  • Orientation panels had the slope rules added to them.
  • Themed "slope-rules path"
  • Skiing schools discuss the rules and ride on the slope-rules path.
  • Cable railways and skiing schools integrate the slope rules into the social networks.
  • The landlords in the region are involved and inform their guests.
  • The Sunkid slope rules are clearly comprehensible even for children who cannot read yet due to their symbolism.
  • All slope rules offered in print are available in two languages – that the customer can choose freely.
  • The slope rules concept is to help avoid "raised index finger" accidents/injuries.
  • By implementing the slope rules concept, the skiing area proactively demonstrates its commitment to safety (defence against court actions).

Sunkid offers everything from design to implementation of the slope rule concept from a single source. Contact us!


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