Push the Button to Have Fun
- Interactive Experience with the Sunkid Family Rides

Up-down-left-right-overhead…and even in free flight. The Family Rides will let you experience physical forces up close – and control them interactively!

The Family Rides pallet conveys the effect of physical forces in ways that are unique to every model.
The BUTTERFLY will let you experience gravitational forces in an intensity you have never felt before; the LOOP family shows you what "upside-down" feels like and the NAUTIC JET is the only ride in the world that will let you experience the free flight phase.
The SUNDANCER, which impressively enables users to feel centrifugal forces, is new in the range and extremely successful. The passengers can control the speed and inclination as well as the rotating direction of their cabins directly.
This form of interactive involvement is an important criterion in the Family Rides by Sunkid. In the turning "Power" TOWER, for example, users must lift themselves up by manual power. This is unnoticeably supported by a motor that is not perceived by the passengers. This enables even children to pull themselves all the way up – and maybe their grandpa as well. On top, they will be rewarded by an exciting 360 degrees all-round view.

The Sunkid Family Rides actively integrate their passengers into the experience of the ride and leave space for individual design of the riding process.


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